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Nearby Attractions

Norfolk Island is picture perfect around every corner, including beautiful Emily Bay, the coral reef, St Barnabas Church, Kingston World Heritage Area, National Park, Mount Pitt, Burnt Pine Shopping Area, Morton Bay Fig Trees, Botanical Gardens, Anson Bay, Captain Cook Look out, and so much more...

World Heritage Area


The Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area (KAVHA), on Norfolk Island, is of outstanding significance to the nation as a convict settlement spanning the era of transportation to eastern Australia between 1788-1855. It is also significant as the only site in Australia to display evidence of early Polynesian settlement, and the place where the Pitcairn Island descendents of the Bounty mutineers were re-settled in 1856. 

UNESCO declared this area to be a World Heritage Area. Discover it for yourself.



Witness the local fish commit suicide on the line.  Eat Fish for the rest of your stay. Also, island cruises available (around Norfolk Island, or around all three islands: Norfolk Island, Nepean Island and Philip Island).

Please visit to make any bookings or for more information.



Say YES to visiting Norfolk Island this year. Life is too short to put it off indefinitely. Spoil yourself. Indulge. Bring Balance to your Life


Pamper yourself at The White House.

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